Rx-link for Windows Features

1. All entry controlled from the "Staff" file. There are seven levels of security -

2. User defined/data-driven database. The user can define room number and units in the facility. Other tables that are user defined are the SCHEDULE file (shared by IVs and medications), Payors, Pricing and the drug master file.

3. The Drug Master file can be user defined or use the entire Red Book to add medications.

4. There is a configuration file that allows the user to configure RxLWIN in many ways.

5. RxLWIN uses printers defined in Windows.

6. MicroMedex is the clinical database for drug interactions and other clinical information. The drug master file shows pictures of many of the more frequently used medications.

7. There is a Pharmacist tab that shows all orders that are waiting for verification.  The order that has been waiting the longest is displayed at the top of the list. It is easy to verify an order.

8. Soft stop and hard stop orders are displayed on a tab so that they can be renewed easily. Any order can be renewed at any time by simply right clicking on the order. 

9. Patients can be found by name, account number or medical record number. All patient stays are retained under the patient's medical record number so that the user can see all patient stays at any time.

10. Diagnosis can be classified as "chronic" so that each time the patient comes into the facility the diagnosis will be there. All ICD-9 Diagnoses are available.  Allergies are retained and come back automatically for the same medical record number as well. 

11. Patient's orders can be sorted in alphabetical order or in chronological order (when they were ordered). 

12. IV's may have as many additives as desired in each IV.

13. Unverified orders will not appear on any fill lists or IV runs. They are clearly marked with a red "x" to be verified.

14. Ideal body weight, dosing weight and Creatinine clearance are all calculated and displayed for the user.

15. Dose range checking is available for all medications. Any time there is a dosing problem the Dosing Warning button is highlighted for the user to click on to determine what the problem is.

16. Patient education leaflets/discharge counseling leaflets can be printed at any time and are available in Spanish.

17. Active allergy checking and diagnosis warnings are displayed at all times for the user.

18. The user can document interventions at any time and reports are available.

19. Lab values can be tracked within each patient's profile.

20. There is a discussion table that allows the pharmacy to track discussions regarding each patient. 

21. HL7 interface engine is available. The HL7 interface engine can accept incoming and out-going from the following:

22. Entering orders on patients is very easy

23. Training time is reduced as this is Windows based and uses standard Windows conventions.

24. Full inventory system is included.

25. Can print the institution's formulary

26. Oral Warning report - IV medications can be flagged so that when the patient is taking oral medications the user can be made aware of the potential to switch to an oral dosage form. For example: Ciprofloxacin - if the patient is on IV and taking oral forms of medication it would be cost efficient to change them over to the PO form of the medication.

27. Drugs can be flagged in the drug master file and any patient on a flagged drug can be printed with the drug that is flagged.

28. Controlled substances reports available.

29. All data maintained on line for minimum of seven years.

30. Uses SQL for the backend

31. SQL uses Domain login for validation

32. All items in Rx-Link for Windows are there permanently - there is no user delete function.  It can be discontinued but all records are retained for tracking purposes.

33. User may have "floor stock". This can be a vending machine or a "virtual vending machine". If an item is in floor stock then the fill list does not fill the item or charge for it. It appears on the fill list with the words "Stocked in Vending Machine".  The interface with the vending machine will automatically add and remove items from this floor stock table and keep the number in floor stock up to date.

34. The user may make an in-patient prescription be a "take home" outpatient prescription with a few clicks.

35. Outpatient prescriptions are supported - note: we do NOT do on line adjudication. 

36. MARs (medication administration records) can be generated and print on plain paper. Daily, weekly and monthly MARs are available.

37. On line tutorial for easy training of new users

This is an effort to list some of the features of the new Windows version. It is by no means all of the features. If you have a question as to whether or not a particular desired feature is included please send an email to Bill King.

Updated: August 3, 2009

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